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Stitch by stitch, day by day

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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
4:41p - Goofing off
In retrospect, I fished the refest leaflett out of Andrew's stuff and apparently all cast memebers wear a sliver flur de lee on their left shoulder. hmmm it was very noticible..
I was poked repeated by a cameron wielding a big stick(andrew's quarter staff) and had a merry chase with him. He has conviently dropped it under the bed...
Cameron is also on his third apple today.... that boy just eats everything without any regard that it should be saved for the next day. I am thinking of a way to hide food from him now...
We had an interesting day with balloons. Cam got his hair cut and they gave him a shiny red helium balloon. I tied it to the chair, what I thought would be secure enough, but about five minutes down the road and going 40mph, he got it untied and before I could grab it, it flew right out the window!!! Cam screamed bloody murder for twenty minutes. AT first I laughed, but as he kept crying, I just got more mad. I couldn't do much about it driving home and it was hard to concentrate on the road with him screaming. I finally decided just to see if I could get another one, I went to the Snucks a few blocks from the house. RIght inside they had the flower counter there and the lady over heard me ask him what color of balloon he wanted. She offered to just give him a green one for free. He was real quiet and I tied it onto his wrist and we shopped a bit. We finally got to the car and he sat down in the chair when this balloon caught on something and went "POP!". I guess he just wasn't meant to have a balloon today. Luckily he didn't fuss about it, he just kept holding up the pieces of the broken balloon and saying "Uhoh."
I need to get to the pool soon. it is just so warm all of a sudden.

current mood: bored

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