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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
12:25a - Renfest
SO I went to the local renfest this weekend.
It was so not what I was expecting, everything I have ever heard of it was bad. And there were some bad things, no visible water(drinking) fountains, no network of helpful cast memebers(friends), no free entry, but as a faire that is only seven years old, it seems pretty nice to me. I have been spoiled by KCRF, it's huge!!!it better be after 30 years! There is so much that has been done by KCRF that others are now trying to copy.
I would like to say, that there were actual year round structures on the grounds, really there were few tents, and those that were there were nicely done. They had a "misting" area, which was nice, but a little ineffective in my court gown, even without sleeves. It was not well marked, but they had greeters who ushered people in!!!!
Also, my highlight of the day, there were pirates, not just any pirates, the JOLLY ROGERS!!! Oh!!!!!! I haven't been free to sit a watch a stage show without fear of Jim since 2001, and as a lady in waiting, I wasn't anywhere near the warf all day. Best of all, Sean, the shortest of the Jolly Rogers and who does almost all the quips, remembered me from back in 1999-2000 when we were neighboors and my first year at faire as a gypsy(he still even remebered my name!!!!!!! ACK!!!! he's TOO cute!!!!!;-). I was their biggest fan in that crowd, maybe their only one.... They did NOT advertise adult humour on the board or begining of the show, which a few people had to shephard families away. I really hope that it doesn't hurt repeat business. The Ficklebitches at least did a diclaimer at the begining of everyshow.... (sorry, no "get shrewed" there)
It was just a great day, I bought a new tail, a fluffy red fox, absoulutely goreous! like Andrews' but red. Andrew got a lovely leather tri-cornered hat(by the same makers of the custom hat I almost bought him for his b-day, that, get this, he said he didn't like!!!!) It looks wonderful on him!!! There was a hat that made me swoon there too. It was a tri-corned too, but it was black fabric with red embroidery stitched onto a leather base, trimed alernately in red and black. I could feel Andrew teetering on the idea of getting it for me....
I feel a little bad because Cameron didn't get anything but sweets and honey sticks.
Oh, I have some great chicken stories!!!!! There was a whole lane of chickens at one point.
I ran into old playtrons who remembered me from KCRF as Isabelle, and I got aquainted with a few shop owners who I passed almost everyday in Canterbury.
I did not take pics of anything that day, but I do plan on taking pics of the new bodice for the court gown since it turned out so well. I really wish I had this one to wear when I was lady to Yosa. I also can't believe I did it in one day, beading and all.I could always put more beads on, but I can live with it as now too.
The only real downfall I saw to this place was that it was indistiguishable for me to tell who was who. I wasn't even too sure of the King really. I only found out who he was in passing from a parade.

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