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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
3:42p - Postal
I think I am going postal, ebay sucks. I bid and won on something and it's been one thing after another for excuses from the seller. grrr. I hate canida and their mail system.
I paid for it immediatly after I won the bid--like, five seconds. I sat there like a cat watching a mouse hole, refreshing my screen every few seconds cause I had a competitor and I was sure to win this one.
Then, fifteen minutes later I got this stupid email from the seller, saying congrats yadda yadda... then it the seller is like blah blah blah about paypal insists that she send it by this certain way and that it will cost this much more....
SO I send by, paypal, the difference, not a big deal, a little ticked that she didn't list that in the bid.
She emails me back saying that if I wanted to, I could send a money order and then the shipping is what it says in the bid.
I mail her right back, no, I don't want to do a money order and that since I paid and it was still early if she could have that wrapped up and sent out that day.
She types back saying I overpaid at this point, refunds both paypal transactions(whatthe fuck?) and reissues me a new charge, which I turn around and pay. And says she'll put the movie in the mail Saturday(now I am ticked, it's like Thursday or Friday-- I'd have to double check)
several days pass and I get the email from her that here's the website to check the track number and track number too. Big whopping deal. The number just says "yeah, there is a package and it was dropped off in this post office. No updates or "Your package is here and is expected here at this time." like I am used to.
after checking every day for a week and a half I email her a tell her it's not here yet.
She emails me back saying that the post office only works week days and that I can't count weekends in transit time. UGH!!!!
I have nothing to say to that until yesterday and I emailed her that it still wasn't here and testily addressed the fact that she charged me more for shipping which should equal better shipping, the fact that it has been three weeks and that I understand she has no control over the mail, but asking her if she could check-in on her side.
WIth that, she emailed me saying that the post office gave her a 1800# to call, but that she can't actually use that number until 30 days after dropping the item into the mail. SHe also tells me finally that at least she has the thing insured(which I doubt) and that she actually didn't charge me enough on shipping and that like $1.30 came out of her pocket. Monday is the soonest she can call the number and find out the tracking on the package, but the clerk told her it often takes 6 weeks for delivery. This wouldn't peeve me so much as that I just sent a movie, with a tracking and comfirmation number to someone last Tuesday and they got it on Friday, and it only cost $3.oo.
She goes on to say that she hopes for a miracle that it is delivered before Monday cause she doesn;t want to have to call and check in on it. Growl.
This seller has four pages of good reviews, many stating that there was a fast shipping time and I feel that she is compenent, but this is baffling me to no end. SHe has already left me positive feedback saying good things and good paying. I would like to leave her positive stuff too, since she really has no control over the post office. I have about 17 emails in my box, either my replies to her, or what she has sent me, and I just want this over and done with so I can watch Condorman. Yes, that dorky Disney movie from the 80's that combines Cool World and Batman together.

on another note. I plan on going to the STL renfest this weekend, if only for a little bit. I am remaking my court gown with a new bodice and I am finishing the bead work on Andrew's doublet. One side is done.

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