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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
5:49p - debauchery
Finally I get around to posting!!!
Interfuse was just too short. It was a convient get away and rather closer than I had thought it would be.
I'll be frankly open that I have never seen so many cocks before. Nearly every guy who could didn't wear pants. Some women were as generous with their bodies too, but I wished that they hadn't. They weren't bad, but I just had to think "boobs that huge have to hurt without support!"
And while their was so much pot being passed around, I really was kinda glad to go home. It made me really nervous, i dunno why either. I get really paranoid with pot so I don't do it, but I still get nervous with the stuff around, just not as intensively off of it.
Andrew kept getting ticked when people called him my BF instead of husband, and threw a hissy fit showing off his wedding band. It was cute in a way, so proud to "own" me.
I am ashamed I was the only female in the nude relay race, and even then, I was wearng a corset and wings( and shoes)Andrew was on my team and he had a great lead on everyone, but on the hand off he ran right pass me and forgot to give me the dong( that was what being used as the passoff stick) so all his great lead he made was lost when he fumbled it it me and dropped it. Ok, maybe I dropped it, but he also didn't give it to me as much threw it at me. Our team still came in second.
The jello wrestling was fun, it made Andrew feel all manly I think. Our ring names were Husband and Wife, which made us famous around the camp afterwards. I hadn't realized that so many people were watching, true, when we started there was only about 15-20, but out of the 470 people, a good number of them recognized us later, even clothed. And they stopped calling Andrew my BF, which made him happy.
The Rave dome had really bad techno playing all day, nothing to really dance to, but as it was pointed out, once you're buzzed on something, music doesn't really matter. grrrr.
On the upper hand I attended a fire spinning, quarter staff spinning and belly dance workshops and met a lot of new people. Speaking of that, I ran into a few people I never thought I'd see again and forgot to get contact info. darn!

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