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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
11:21a - Good days
I think Andrew has no idea of the effect he has on me. This morning he did one of the sweetest things I could possibly have ever wanted. When he woke up this morning he tucked me in--I think he had stole all the blankets again:-P but he did it so nicely and tenderly it just made me feel... giddy. I am pretty sure that he thought I was asleep, but it made me feel so nice and warm and loved that I want to do something nice for him in return.
The man who opened the video store is an ass. He's a nice guy, but I had dropped off all the previous rentals before they had opened, I know I counted and double checked them all as I dropped them in. I went in later to get a few more and the guy is like "You know you haven't turned in this movie.." I told him adamently, that I KNOW I did. He offered to go check the box, which I took him up on. He came back without it and said that maybe it was in my car still, or I had left it at home. I was freaking out cause I hate late fees and I avoid them--Plus Blockbuster 7 years ago did something like this to me and kept charging me for a late fee for a movie they had lost bad memories-- I did go check the car, it wasn't there. FInally he offers for me to come out to the drop box which I do. He pulls out the rolly cart and says to me "see, it isn't here." I lift up the darn box and it is sitting underneath it! grrrrr He backs off saying people always forget something. I was sooo mad. I know a little thing like that shouldn't make me that pissed. I gotta have my hormones checked!

current mood: annoyed

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