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Friday, April 21st, 2006
7:25p - Noah's Arc
So Cameron tried to flood the place today. I let him go to wash his hands after letting him consume candy for tradition is to eat candy while watching movies. Eating popcorn is also tradition, but I didn't have the patience or craving for such fare. After just one handful he was chocolaty from head to finger tip and wanted to wash his hands, I trusted him to do so. The bathroom isn't too far away, It's a small house after all, and I could hear him fine. When I noticed it had been no more than three minutes, I paused the movie and checked on him.
First thing I took notice of was, "oh, he's fine, the sin is only half full." then I noticed that the bathroom floor was soaking wet. Really, it was about a 3/4 inch of water around the sink. Three months ago the pipe in that sink started to leak, and my handiman(while a nice guy) hasn't really proved to be the best(I'm still ticked about my dishwasher.grrrr) So I turned off the water, checked the plumbing and said, "hmmmm.Cameron must have filled it overflowing with the stopper in, then realized too late that is was overflowing, and took out the stopper right before I came in."I scolded him and sent him to his room. I started to clean it up with as many dirty towels that needed to be washed already as I could find when a 'Knock' at the side door and my neighboor asked if there was a broken pipe. Apparently the water is running down his bathroom door. I offered to clean it up, but he said it wasn't bad. I feel bad about it. I am trying to instill a sense of trust with Cameron. I don't want to have to follow him everyday, all day. For the most part he's fine. But he's a real stinker. Mon-Thur I have to drag his sleepy butt out of bed at 8:15, and the one or two days a week I can let him sleep in, and sleep in myself(that was today) he decided that he was going to drag me out of bed at 7:45, ugh. I can't wait til he's a teenager, revenge will be MINE!!!!mmhahahaha!
Also either cause the lady who did the taxes is/was an idiot; or cause Andrew's name change is causing confusion, all of our taxes are coming back in bad shape..... this stresses me out to no end. I am really counting on some of that money to, you know, fix my car.
I am begging Andrew now for an XBox. maybe a PS2. I don't know, I haven't really done research yet. I do know that any game system I DO get has to be able to play FF3, DDR and this "Oblivion" thing I hear about from a enchanting siren.
Also, I think Andrew is very much talked into/set in adopting Lizander and Sheeba. I brought up the idea of getting a kitten, which really isn't my cup of tea right now(I don't want to have to litter box train a kitten and Cameron-'specially since the Kitten will catch on sooner)
It feels weird to know that Kris and Abby/sabrina/sara/mercymckinnon/whateversheiscallingherselfnow gave up such awesome cats. I am also really angered on how they just dumped them on Shana to pay for them. In my mind, this makes Shana a saint, since I know how expensive vet bills are for just one cat, let alone three.
I know Abby is on speaking terms with Yosa, and if Yosa hears about this, will she please let Abby know that I will take great care of her cat for her? I figure she's got enough to worry about since she has the dog and the horse.

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