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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
11:01a - Legal
SO Andrew's family and neighboors that we celebrated Easter with have a tradition which would mortify my family, be the best thing you could possibly do on a "boring Christian Holiday", is a blessing to hungry birds and a pain to clean up. It is my calculation that as a group, we went through about 9 or 10 dozen and a half egg cartons of hollowed eggs with bird seed in them with colorful tissue paper covering the hole. The tradition is to break them on friends' head to wish them goodness or something silly like that. Karen had wanted to do this at the wedding and had been collecting eggs since at least last May to do this.We just started chucking them at each other once we had kinda smashed a few eggs. I am still finding bits of shell and bird seed in my hair.
I am finally legal in MO. This week's adventure is to make me legal and the car legal so we can have it all done before I get the next car insurance statement. So far, so good.
In St. Louis they have a clean air policy and every car has to pass a exhaust test. I don't know the basics of it all, but, they hook the muffler up to a tube, put your car on rollers and "drive" your car a few minutes at different levels of milage. Like the first part of the test is for idling motors, and then the next is 25mpr for a few mninutes and then they do stop and go traffic and then high speed highway for a bit. I was excited my car passed and remarked about it to the man who tested it for me. He commented that he was surprised too. I almost had to do a double take cause he looked and sounded like oxlajujimox, but it wasn't, but he also gave me one of the best complements I've had in a looooonnnggg time. ;-). I was in a pretty good mood until I got home and Cam threw a fit. Then I just took control and decided to get the rest of my things done instead of take him to the park like I was going to do until he refused to get out of the car. which was for the best, cause he behaved pretty well at the office where I got my driver's license done and it was one more notch on my belt to being legal.
This morning to get cam out the door to class he insisted on taking a periscope and a "quaterstaff" that is really a broom handle Andrew gave him a few weeks ago. He actually walked through the school to his room looking through the scope and leaning on the staff and when he got to the room handed them nicely to me and went to work. I am shocked at how nicely he did this morning when he so did not want to get out of bed.

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