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Monday, April 17th, 2006
10:03a - Happy dead jesus day.
This weekend has been kinda off feeling.
I had a great start on friday. I set up the new tent while Cameron watched on and was really bored. I don't blame him, I kept telling him to back off cause I didn't want to hurt him or have him under foot. After realizing that the directions are stinky I just did what looked right instead and had the whole thing up in about 20 minutes. I am reeaally proud of that-- I haven't even seen a tent since I was 17! I have never even been able to set up a tent by myself since all the guys around me love showing off and do it instead. Afterwards It was the heat of the day so I brought Cam in and gave him like a two hour bath it feels. But it kept him comfortable and he loves playing in water so it also kept him occuppied as well.
I made up a wonderful dinner when Andrew got home; I felt like the perfect housewife--in a good way. It was a healthy dinner of salmon and spinache and cheesy tortilinis and we ate in the tent since it had cooled down a bit by then.
Saturady we went wood shopping. I am determined to have a real garden this year, so Andrew will be making me a beautiful pine flower box that I will section off in one foot squares following the square foot gardening method and plant dozens of wonderful things! At Home Depot they don't let the kids sit in the basket! They have to sit by the handles. I can't understand it myself, I prefer to have my boy sit in the basket so I can put stuff that is breakable or squishable where I can control it better(like eggs and bread.)
We also discovered how much Cameron understands of our conversations. We though we were talking over his head about where to get lunch in the store, but when we got to the car he threw a fit about getting in and pointed to the Wendy's we had been discussing. So happily we left the car in the Home Depot lot and walked the parking lot to eat at Wendy's.
We did little else that afternoon. We were supposed to go grocery shopping, but we put it off and Andrew volunteered to do it after he dropped me off at work and I left him a small shopping list to get the stuff I needed for Easter dinner.
He and I had a huge mix up about picking me up from work and finally I got home.
Next day is Sunday and I find out he did NOT do the shopping!!!! ACK! So in a casual panic we head to the grocery store, and it's closed. and so is the next one, and we give in. I am in the car racking my brain, virtually going through the ingrediants for a quick cake I can make and go home and start on it.
by 12:30 I am trying to frost this thing that was supposed to be a lamb, but my frosting isn't stable enough to actually stick and I resort to chop-sticks to hold the head on! I feel almost finished when the cake breaks and the chunk of cake that is the head slides down. I was almost in tears from fustration. with a little extra frosting I make it into a bunny and tape paper onto the chop sticks for ears. It worked fine, but I was exhausted from making a cake, frosting and design from scratch. I can never do anything simply, and I, with hindsight, could have made a simple two layered cake with "Happy Easter" inscribed and had it done fine.

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