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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
Catwalk God(ess)
50% Flamboyance, 63% Originality, 55% Deliberateness, 54% Sexiness
[Flamboyant Original Deliberate Sexy]

You know fashion inside out but you're far from being its slave. To you fashion is what you decide to wear. You've got great, if unconventional, taste and plenty of courage to put your ideas into practice, which inspires admiration; but few have guts to copycat you. I suppose it doesn't worry you because to you originality counts. You are self-confident, perhaps even arrogant, and consider a day wasted when no one gives you an interested or shocked look. Great job.

The opposite style from yours is Librarian [Tasteful Conventional Random Prissy].

All the categories: Librarian Sporty Hottie Office Master Uptown Girl/ Boy Brainy Student Movie Star Fashionista Glamorous Soul Fashion Enemy Bar Cruiser Kid Next Door Sex Bomb Hippie Kid Fashion Rebel Fashion Artist Catwalk God(ess)

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 23% on Flamboyance
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You scored higher than 89% on Originality
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You scored higher than 56% on Deliberateness
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You scored higher than 68% on Sexiness
Link: The Fashion Style Test written by mari-e on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Haha! I feel almost caught up with all my things to do around the house! Yeah, I still have a sinkful of dishes to do from this morning; sure I have what feels like a mountain of laundry to do; but, I have finally finished Andrew's new pants, which feels so good to have off my chest so I know he won't bother me much now. I still need to sew the rest of the crystals onto his doublet in time for renfest, but I figure I'll do that soon.
Sunday I think I'll get around to making my new dress form.hehe!
SO now a little complaint.
My house is falling apart all around me. My hot water isn't working well--the handyman has to replace the piping. This means I have to be extremely creative to get a bath in, since my shower is fridgid. My dishwasher is on the blitz, so I have to wash everything by hand, grrr. Cameron is sure that all of his toys belong in the living room.
On the plus side CAm is doing well at school. I had my first parent teacher conference. Sadly, I found out that summer break is coming all too soon. Thankfully, he qualifies for summer school for a few weeks.

current mood: busy

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JAKARTA (Reuters) - About 300 hardline Indonesian Muslims vandalized a building housing the office of Playboy magazine on Wednesday in a protest against its publication in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Clad in white shirts and skull caps the protesters threw rocks at the front lobby, breaking the windows of the building in the south of Jakarta several days after the magazine hit news-stands for the first time.

Shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greatest), the protesters also ripped apart several copies of the Indonesian Playboy, which unlike the U.S. original does not show any nudity.

Despite being a much tamer version, the magazine sold out very quickly, partly thanks to controversy surrounding its publication and protests from some Muslim groups.

Apart from Playboy, Indonesia already had its own versions of men's magazines Maxim and FHM, as well as homegrown publications, which feature color pictures of women in minimal clothing.

Members of the hardline Muslim group that organized the demonstration, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), are known for taking laws into their own hands, for example by attacking bars selling alcohol during the Muslim fasting period, and massage parlors.

Dozens of police were on the scene when the militants carried out the attack but did not make any arrests.

South Jakarta police chief Wiliardi Wizard told Reuters he would question the leader of the group in relation to the incident and detain the perpetrators.

"If they can hand over the perpetrators then that's good. Otherwise we'll have to hunt them," he said.

(with additional reporting by Telly Nathalia)

Indonesian Muslim militants stand near a banner that reads 'Stop for Playboy' during a protest in Jakarta April 12, 2006. Hundreds of Indonesian protesters vandalised a building housing the office of Playboy magazine on Wednesday in a protest against the publication of the magazine in the world's most populous Muslim nation. (Beawiharta/Reuters)

current mood: excited

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