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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
5:07p - random rants
SO today has been weird.
Andrew stayed home today, he called in sick, meaning he's sick of the office. DOing so has made it feel like a saturday or sunday since I work when he doesn't.
I have two skirts halfway done and I lack the energy to just sit down and make them, plus the beginnings of a corset that I would like to have finished by tomorrow.
I feel easily distracted by nice weather and sleep which bothers me to no end and my cramps are being out of this world(sorry if tmi)
Last night we started putting together a group to play D&D. It's a good sized group, I am fairly sure we will have people drop out from time restrictions, so, better to start off with many and lose a few than start out with few and lose many. I am whipping up a gnome bard illusionist. I figure she'll be the second band-aid and be akin to Elan from Order of the Stick. I like gnomes and I like bards, but there is still time to change, maybe an elf wizard..... V? I am still coming up with names. Nice thing about gnomes, more names, the better the character is fleshed out. Disturbingly enough,I handed out dice to everyone and I alone have collected 7 sets of the poly dice.*shudders to realize what a nutshell I am for pretty dice*
I bored, SCA is tomorrow for sure this time. Also, friday I am going to ask off time for weddings, renfest and possible just a day to have without any other reason. I am truly finally getting tired of my job.

current mood: bitchy

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