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Monday, April 3rd, 2006
3:17p - My April Fools Day
this is for j-wolf.
Andrew is a good father, but just unobservant about a few things. While I was at work Cam had an accident and fell down. Andrew was doing a lot of stuff that day, watching his little sis too and hobbies so Cam's injury went unnoticed til I got home. The injury happened 3pm he says and I go home about 10pm. BUt cameron was limping and crawling and not walking when avoided. The only thing I could get out of him was him pointing to his foot and going "ow!" So by the time I got a consensus of what to do(Karen was out of town, so no "nurse" to ask) we decided to take him to the ER. but he was asleep by then, the waiting room said it was averaging a six hour wait and it was almost midnight(dinner was had in that time too)so we let him sleep and felt that it was a wait and see thing. Of course he wakes up at 8 and is still hurting so we get going, I call into work to let them know I'm not going to be in and Andrew drops me and the kid off at the ER, and drives to drop off his sister to meet her dad. To make a long story somewhat short, cam was a pain in the waiting room(they placed us in a separate room for some silly reason and he kept getting frustrated about being closed in--I don't blame him) had to have five x-rays--Andrew got to hold him still for that! and to be told after six hours altogether that they couldn't see anything wrong and that it must be a sprain. They did advise a check up after a week if it was still giving him problems. The insult to injury was that the time shifted so what I felt was an early start was actually later than I would have liked.
I plan on starting my new SCA garb today.
Also, my downstairs neighbor offered me "adult time" sometime. It came off as creepy, but he's a really nice guy which bothers me more that is came off as it did.
Sunday was just so cold after a week of nice weather and I still haven't warmed back up. A house around the corner lost a huge tree, it just came down right across the street completely blocking the whole street. Crews have been doing lots of work to get power up for the street over and clear the roadways.

current mood: cold

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