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Stitch by stitch, day by day

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
9:33a - Surviving
So Cameron is about half through spring break, and I'm still sane! Although it was questionable yesterday. The poor kid kept having his asthma flare up, worse he hates the medicince used to treat him with it and aggrivates it even worse by screaming and kicking about taking the darn thing. I don't blame him- it's a mist thing that he has to breathe in for 10 minutes and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
I have a corset almost finished- I just have to place in the grommets and voila!
I cleaned the bedrooms and found that I know have a decent mirror in my desk if I just keep the top cleared off--hahahaha easier said than done.
I am debating what style of dress I want to start making now. I was really impressed with a picture of a NF(natural form-1875-1881) and the gallery she created from the patterns, but I have a hankering to make a great big CW(civil war) dress since I have found that there are several places I could possibly go and wear it. hmmm choices...
I want to make one of those duck tape dummies so much that I have bought the expandable foam already. I am planning on hanging out with Karen and sewing with her tonight so I think I'll go ahead and try to convince her to help me with it... I still haven't found an old coat rack to saw off to use as a base..
Now to do dishes.

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9:03p - Danger!

What type of Fae are you?
so I have nothing really to report except my legs burn so bad right now. I did hindu squats monday and they still don't feel better. I don't know what's worse, that I went to the gym and did 40min on the mill, or that I plan on doing another set of squats before bed?
The gym has become a nice way to escape Cameron for an hour or two. i just wish that there was a punching bag too, or is that a bad sign?
I am getting caught up in Andrews' parkour and now i really want to be able to jump high enough to grab ledges safely and reliably.
ALSO!!! I FOUND A LOCAL LA MARS DONUTS TODAY!!!!! YEAYYY!!!! for those who do not compute, they are the most delicious donuts on the planet and until recently I was under the impression that they were only availble at three locations in the greater Kansas City area. To find a shop(only 15 minutes from my house, in ST. Louis) that boasts "Kansas Legend" on the door made my heart melt. Only downside- they close at 2pm.

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9:50p - march madness
just curious.

current mood: curious

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