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Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:32p - A Whole Week
I am fearful of my sanity! Cameron has the entire next week off from school for a spring break. This does in fact frighten me terribly. I have sworn to myself that I will try to keep him on a timetable during that time so that he won't go bonkers without stuff to do.
i don't know how that will go.
I am also a little pissed cause while everything around here opens late anyways, I could do things while he was at school without having to tow him around to places that must have bored him to tears. I do admit that for the most part, he is really well behaved when we go out.
I am looking forward to my MWF times at the gym for a break. I feel like I go for the wrong reasons(TV/music) but I do enjoy being able to stretch out, do sit-ups and rest without being climbed on! I have started to like the eclipse walking machine. At first I thought it didn't look like it could do much, but it is a good workout/warmup without being hard on my knees and hips.
I showed up at the local SCA meeting and ran into a group as clueless as me when we found out the meeting had been cancled without notice. But now I know what the next few weeks are supposed to be like.
I am looking forward to being social again.

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10:38p - hmmm
I just thought of something, but I forgot what it was.... :-(

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