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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
6:53p - Signs of Spring or Things I Enjoy
I have spent a great deal of time staring out my window in the past few days. I am fortunate for the duplex is stacked one on top of the other and we have the top floor.
As a bonus, I guess, there are beautiful, matured tress right outside my windows across the front. The closest comes about five feet from the panes and I keep expecting the rougher winds to blow the boughs right into the house!
My vantage point from these windows let me see right into the "wildlife world." I see the cardinals chirp for territory, the starlings flock, sparrows soar and one several occasions northern mockingbirds perch almost within grasp.
I enjoy and look forward to the dashing displays of the squirrels that dare the foul weather to race up the trees, who then "fly" through the tree-tops, nimbly clinging to the smallest branch and leap to the next tree.
Even the rabbits have started to come out of hiding and snoop around my front steps. I love watching them, but I wish to plant a vegetable garden this coming season, but I know they will become a nuisance along with the squirrels.
For birds I do not know of I have spent time on the internet trying to match markings to sites that have avid watchers who document what is probably common knowledge. At this I spent more time than I would care to admit.
Now I eagerly await further signs of life and spring. The greening of the trees, the peeping crocuses and the other wildlife that may come.
My other rant for the day is that I will be leaving for KC for a few days. I am traveling by train--I love the train-- with Cameron. He loves trains so this will be interesting. I will also admit that he has worn my patience threadbare these past weeks, and I do not know how I will deal with it. I take comfort that PlatonicPimp will be with me, but I have found that when he actually is paying attention to things, he loses his patience quicker than I. When that does happen, I have been thankful to find, I get my second wind for my son. The little respite that I can get fulfills the need enough to usually finish the day. I am debating about how much "stuff" I'll need to distract Cam on the voyage.

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