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Monday, March 6th, 2006
11:11a - cough
I finally had a weekend day off from work-I only do work weekends, so I want to work as much as possible, but it's nice being able to stay home with the "boys."
Unfortunately this seems the time of year that Cameron's asthma really flares up, so we spent most of my day off doing doses of breathing treatments and resorting to a cough syrup. I ran out of my favorite cough suppressant last month so I need to get more.
Cameron is getting to stay home today cause Andrew is too paranoid about him having an attack and me not being able to treat him or something. I had intended to take him to school anyways after he left for work, but Cameron is being odd about getting dressed today.
On the plus side, I think we made a breakthrough with potty training. I've also convinced Andrew that we need a new seat thingy.
I'll be in KC/Lawrence for the weekend and I'm trying to pack, but with Cameron around, it's a little difficult.
I found the perfect fabric to make Vogues' 8003. It looks exactly like (view A)the middle figure. It's blue swirls and flowers on a white background. I got it for another dress, but when I got home it just looked so perfect that I am going to risk making it ASAP. I'll use what ever is left over for the trimmings on the original idea dress. I can't wait for Cameron to take a nap now.

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