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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
8:56p - Blagh!
SO I hate technology!
I made wonderful dresses and wanted to share them with friends. Forcing Danna to drive over from school this afternoon, I told her just as long as we had light-so she and her friend dropped by the local icecream place before coming. grrr I should have known a teenager would take her sweet time in coming by. Plus she didn't call me to let me know that she would be there in a few minutes or anything. I feel horrible cause in hindsight I could have tried to get ready before she got there, but I really didn't want to hobble after Cameron tightly laced and wearing my finest. So i waited until she was there.
I did my best to lace myself in, but I had to surrender to help after all cause I don't have a mirror I can see myself in. I don't have a mirror bigger than a salad plate really. Then as I am finally getting close to being done getting dressed, her friend who drove her spilt coffee on my other newly made jacket. Ugh. It doens;t look like it will stain, but I was screaming on the inside, all the hours I have put into it and right before I want to model it, it's ruined.....
So I briskly walk outside with her looking for a great place to take pics at and walk to the far end of my street where a neighboor has some great bushes.
SHe askes me what size do I want them taken in? I dunno the first thing about this. so I just pick a size at random, 6400 sounded familar, but I wasn;t certain on anything. So we take a couple of front/side views and we chat a bit. She wants to experiment with the settings, which I can undestand, but I being a technophobe, have no idea what that means really. But what ever it is she does makes the rest of the pics too big for any image hosting site will allow :-(
So I am ready to take more pics, but of the different dress when her friend is all like, I have to go. Do you want a ride home? It's cool, but I am steamed that they didn't tell me they had somewhere to go and spent so much time eating icecream instead of being where she was supposed to be. NO I wasn't paying her, maybe if I had, she would have gotten there sooner. I don't think so though.
After deciding that getting pics of the other dress is important enough to me, I offer to drive her home instead an get changed.
I don't know what the trouble is with this jacket, but the three buttons in the middle of the jacket over the bosom will not meet far enough to be buttoned!!!!! I fake them being buttoned for the pics we did, only three cause I was about to tears here(PMS never helps) And clasp my hand demurely in front to hide the gap. I don't look happy in the pics. On the other hand, my dress is the same color scheme of the dining room behind me,( note to self- move table a junk out of way and use the wall as back drop)
On the plus side to all the mishaps, She has agreed to free another day up to retake pics that didn't work.

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