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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
10:57a - waiting
So I am waiting patiently for YYP to finally let me on. I am not sure what the problem is, I guess they are renewing stuff and fixing the server up, but I need to pay the darn taxes one my shop!!! ahhhhck!I know I am bad for waiting to the last minute, but I need to get it done today for certain. I want to do it while Cameron is at school, but no, I can't seem to get on. I'll see if it is working later when he takes his nap, if he takes a nap... hmmm.
Andrew worries me, he is proud of his achievements of yesterday. WHile on his 30 minute lunch break, he was able to be escorted off two premises and he thinks it's a big joke. I'll admit that, yeah, the places he was should have been a public space areas, but in front a big bank is usually well guarded and they don't allow loitering that I know of. The Ramada inn where he was jumping around probably wasn't public space and it just isn't posted. I think he's beeing plain stupid about the whole thing.
I am also A LITTLE ticked that I gave him a weeks' worth of notice about Cameron's play today. AND HE STILL FORGOT!!!! grrr I just hope he didn't get yelled at or fired for being late.
I am sleepy, but I got things to do still, like pick up cameron in twenty minutes.
I'll fix him up on Shrek and sew a bit while he watches that. I only have three paniers to make for the dolls.I put all of the bits I have done in boxes, They look so cute and pretty all nice and folded.
ALso I need to go pick up an ink pad. I found great rubber stamps and I wanna try them out.

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