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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
11:12a - random stuff floating in my brain...
First off, I blame andrew. He's got me started on some web comics. I am truly addicted to order of the stick. I miss playing D&D so much, I really liked my living greyhawk gnome. Unfortunately, we cant seem to find a new place to continue playing, ah oh well.... ::sniffsniff:: :-( BTW if you are bored, really look into order of the stick, it's just wonderful. It updates three times a week, maybe not on time, but it does advance quite a bit.
NExt random thing that wants to escape from my grey matter; I really dig Patrick Swayze. I rented To wong Foo and just watching it may have been the best thing to inspire me to work today. I really want his wardrobe. It's so not fair. I miss the days when people really did care about their apperance. When I go to work I wear fifty's style dresses. I get teased a bit because I only wear dresses and skirts to work, the one time I wore a pair of slacks they were in disbelief. I've tried to wear gloves while working too, butthat was a bit much to handle for me. My main beef is that I wish I could style my hair to be more period, that and I really need to get around to making my netted petticoat to go under the darn circle skirts!
I have to go pick up Cameron today. I have a new Wiggles video to watch together, It has Steve Irwin, what a hottie!
I am debating whether or not to make an allpurpose victorian underskirt out of cotton velveteen or garbadine..... If I do it in velveteen, I'll make it in red, if I do it in garbadine I'll make it in tan(not a really nice red color in the garbadine sadly) I'm waying the pros and cons, I got my 40% coupon and I only need three yards if I just make it flat with no ruffles, pleats, poofs, puffs or tucks.
pros for garb- 60 inch wide, doesn't wrinkle much, easy to work with. cheap.
cons- color selection bad.poly.
Pros for Velveteen cotton, will breath, great look, good color
cons- 42 inches wide, might need more that three yards; more expensive; has nap, gotta make sure I cut it out right. Kinda stuck with staying with red then- not a big deal, so far all other dresses working on are red.
I really do want to work on a blue one soon. Gotta start and finish the gold one, which has enough red in it to work with the red underskirt, but will work best with a gold/tan one.

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