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Stitch by stitch, day by day

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Monday, February 13th, 2006
4:45p - I'm Back!!!!!
So, now my worklist.
start corsets, finish corsets. I love my silverado corset pattern, I just wish I could just get started!!!! grrr.
Start Andrew's tan pants and his second pair of black pants, Computer is too distracting.....
Reread Order of the Stick back stock. way too funny for it;s own good.
Finished curtains!!!!!! Yeah!!!
Finish pink walking dress, maybe by tommorrow? i don't think so, again computer is too inticing
finish the cuffs of velveteen victorian bodice, soon.
finish doll clothes by march 8th? maybe....
Cameron is now in school. Not today because he is sick, but I am thinking that I might get some stuff done now. maybe not.
that is all for now.

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