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last week of real work

Interestingly, I don't (for the first time in my life) wish to be a pampered, kept housewife.
Andrew promises me that i will never have to work again if I don't want to, but I find it hard to beleive. I feel unnerved to the reasons he applies to this thought process, and honestly, I am not ready to give up the fact that for the past three years I have supported us by my meager paycheck. I will admit, Andrew did his fair share when he could--but for the most part I discredit what he payed for because it was student loans, and not an actual paycheck. I still don't understand how he was able to spend so much on books, games and cards;but he never made a remark on how much I spent on fabrics and crafts, so I kept silent about his own spending.
After labor day, my own spending money will be whittled down to about 12hours worth of work a week. i am so used to buying what I want, when I want it, that I am relunctant to be forced into this submission of wills. I am grateful for his new job, and gods and goddesses willing, he will really like it, do really well at it and thrive in his work environment.
Working full time is the last bit of indepence I feel that I have had since having Cameron. i understand that I am nothing more than a wage slave to the company, and that my postion will be filled quickly, but I am proud that I could perform any task that was needed, from stocking, cashier, to cutting, to ordering. I know that the next few weekends will be fun anyways, with halloween coming up, then prom, then christams. i will have blast helping people form ideas into doable projects.
Shannon- Sorry, I guess I forgot to tell you this- Andrew graduated from KU-whew!!! ANd moved us to St.Louis. We're living with his mom/family right now, until we can get ourselves upright. Andrew took a couple of weeks off to house search, found that no one would rent to us til we had jobs, then finally let me start working at the Local Hancock Fabrics. It was another week before he had an interview, but his second one he got hired and it looks pretty good right now. He starts the day after labor day.
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