darkgaze2002 (darkgaze2002) wrote,

lets try this again....

Ok, second try. First try was deleted by Cameron pressing the power button off the computer.
Richard is driving me crazy. He is following andrew and me around like some homeless waif and it is driving me crazy. Last night I went downstairs to read and Cam followed me so I put a movie in for him to watch. I dozed off and when I woke up Richards' butt is in my face and blocking my view of the TV. I wouldn't have minded so much if it was say, the living room, or if he'd asked to come down to watch TV with us. Mind you, he has two other TVs inthe house(his dad's and the one he basically uses in the living room.) But the downstairs area is our bedroom and he just follows us down there when he's bored. This morning I got up to put in contacts and when I went to my room to change Richard was sitting on the bed like it was normal. Andrew told him to go so I could get dressed. He never bothered with going downstairs before and now he just seems to be getting on Andrews' nerves badly. Andrew feels he's basically babysitting Richard all day cause he doesn't do anything but follow Andrew and Cam around. His own dad is a dead beat who uses any excuse to get out of doing anything but to smoke cigarretes and drink diet coke and watch TV, bad tv.
I'm getting upset with the way Richard is treating Cam. Cam doesn't see Richard as an adult- he's another kid(richard is 11? at best) But he bosses Cam around and trys to play with him. But cameron doens't want to play Rich's way and does something like kick or bite. The worst bite rich has been given is when he tried to put cam into time out for throwing toys or something, and picked cam up to put him into the timeout chair. Cam bite the closets thing he could reach, Richs' face. I don't condone Cam biting, but i keep telling Rich not to try to "parent" cam around, that it is my job, or andrew's or karens. But I keep constantly watching rich try to do it and get hurt for it. And most of the things rich trys to do are things cam should get in trouble for doing. He can play with his toys as he wants. Rich keeps trying to show him how to do it his way and yes, cam needs to share, but rich just trys to take them away from him altogther sometimes.
I got a long rant on andrew, but I typed that one already and cam pulled the plug and erased it all....
Good news, Andrew has a job!!!! a really great job with health benefits for the whole family and really great pay.
I'll try to be more up to date, but right now Andrew needs to use the phone so I need to get off line now.
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