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i am keeping my eyes out for another job that'd I'd enjoy, but if I am guarented to get full time @ HF, it's worth staying on, supposedly they have a great health plan. getting my family health care is incredibly important to me. Cameron's coverage was supposed to go on for a little while longer, but has been cut off since the move.
I am starting to get the hang of the new store and so far I like the people. One of the older ladies is a bit crabby, but nice. She has a lot of health problems, but she keeps working just the same. Duties are spread out much more differently here than there. At the last store I was expected to be able to do everything, now i just do a couple of things. I have a funny feeling that I will be freely given the pattern dept here since I know how to do it and the woman doing it now really hates it.
My thoughts have started to wander to Halloween. Now that I haven't had to cram for a renfest dress with a deadline and a minium of 1000 beads, my hands have been really idle the past four weeks....yeah, ok, so there was that wedding thing, but all those dresses are done for now.... Sorry Shana, I'll fix up yours as soon as I get it out of storage.
I am trying to figure out what I want to wear for Halloween, what to make for Cam, what to make for Andrew. I am thinking for Andrew is either a generic Jedi outfit or Willy Wonka(old version/Gene Wilder) Andrew has a friend who is planning on going as the new/Johnny Depp version and they want to "duke" it out to decide who is the better version of Willy Wonka. And that is just funny, so I want to help that cause. I just need to find a place to buy a top hat......hmmmm...ebay?
Now Cameron is a totally different story. I don't want to be too cutsy, but i do want it to be somewhat neat. what ever I do, if I use a pattern I can make it up as a model garment for work. There are cowboys, I think it might be cool to do a tin man if I find the right pattern and the fabric is availible.....ooohh, that may be it! Let's see what I still think about it in an hour....
Speaking of tin man.... At work they have a funny little thing of who they would cast in certian roles and the movie they are doing is Wizard of Oz. Apprently I am making them rethink their casting for Dorthy. I have only two dresses that have been found since the packing, one being blue and white checked--very simular to dorthy's, and the other is still blue and white floral. Plus I am from Kansas. I don't have ruby slippers, but I am thinking I might pick up a pair of those and a pair of silver ones--I a stickler for accurasy.
That seems all I have the energy for today. Feel free to give ideas for halloween costumes to me.
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